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Delivering value with tailored AI Solutions.

We are devoted to bridging the gap between businesses and Artificial Intelligence technologies by specializing in the design and deployment of AI applications and Big Data platforms. Our mission is to democratize these technologies, partnering with our clients to create impactful, profitable solutions for a smarter future.

We enable businesses of all sizes to harness the power of their data through cloud-based solutions, transforming it into actionable insights using AI-driven decision support and automation models. Our agile approach combines bespoke applications with our proprietary solutions, engaging a community of skilled experts and passionate collaborators to deliver timely, client-centric results. Driven by our core values of innovation, technology, and collaboration, we aim to unite like-minded individuals in shaping the applications of tomorrow.

Our Services.

We offer a suite of solutions, specifically tailored to your needs.

Expertise on Demand

We provide talent from our pool of highly-skilled consultants to solve your business and data science problems.

Tailored Solutions

From ideation to implementation, we co-create perfomant Data & AI solutions that generate real business value in no time.

Train your team

We train and assist your people in AI knowledge, skills and strategy topics.

Discovery Workshop

During this collaborative half-day evaluation of your use-case, delivering actionable insights to help drive successful AI implementation.

Real people. Real Expertise.

Meet the team behind Prophecy Labs, a group of highly skilled and experienced AI & ML experts dedicated to helping companies unlock the full potential of their data. We bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to every project, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of service and support.

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Real Problems. Solved.

Be inspired by a curated collection of recent use cases where complex challenges were met with innovative solutions, resulting in tangible business value.

Revolutionizing Fraud Detection with AI-driven Solutions

Experience AI-powered fraud detection, optimizing analyst efficiency and securing customers' assets against fraud.

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Automate real estate valuation with predictive modeling

Automate real estate valuation with predictive modeling

prophecy labs cse studies

Large Scale Legal Document Classification

‍Significant automation of the company's most labour intensive activity.

prophecy labs cse studies

Physical Ad Effectiveness Estimation

Both the data platform and automatic report generation product got fully deployed in production.

prophecy labs cse studies

Scheduling Cleaning Services

Automatically schedule housekeepers to optimize the core activity of the business.

prophecy labs cse studies

Fully Automated Image Cleanup

Automatically process the images and remove the background of the photographs.

prophecy labs cse studies

AI4Business Course

The definitive AI course for Business decision makers & Executives

Unleash AI's potential with our AI4Business training course, tailored for today's forward-thinking leaders.

Our 5-module program demystifies AI through real-world use cases, empowering you to identify and harness AI-driven opportunities that revolutionize your organization and sharpen your competitive edge.

Embrace the AI-driven future and transform your business.

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