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Prophecy Labs Team

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Jose Mendoza

Managing Partner, Lead Data Scientist

Roel Henckaerts, PhD

Senior Data Scientist

Cesar Legendre, PhD

Senior ML Engineer

Olga Kravchenko

ML Engineer

Till Ehrich

Data Scientist

Oleksii Protsyk

ML Engineer

Mathias Van Regemortel, PhD

Data Scientist

Arif Thayal

Lead Data Engineer

Andreas Lauwaert

Chief Of Staff

Cesar Urbina-Blanco

Data Scientist

Wojtek Kuberski


Hakim Elakhrass


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Case Studies

Discover how we add real business value with Artificial Intelligence.

Automate real estate valuation with predictive modeling

Automate real estate valuation with predictive modeling

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Large Scale Legal Document Classification

Darts-ip, an Intellectual Property Legal Information Platform, provides information about IP-cases cases from around the world. The core internal activity company is processing, labelling and extracting information from legal documents related to IP.

prophecy labs cse studies

Physical Ad Effectiveness Estimation

The LINK Institute, a Swiss market leader in market research, has as part of their strategic goal to become data driven. The company needed to develop a data platform and implement high impact data-driven use cases. One of the core products offered by the company are comprehensive reports on the effectiveness of the physical ad campaigns of their clients.

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Scheduling Cleaning Services

The Minte, a housekeeping scale-up from the USA, allows flexible scheduling of cleaning services. These services are assigned creating a schedule for each housekeeper. Housekeepers serve multiple properties spread across a geographical area. This incurs significant travel costs if the schedule is not created in a way that minimizes the distance travelled by housekeeping personnel, having a strong negative impact on unit.

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Fully Automated Image Cleanup

DRiV (former Federal-Mogul), a publicly traded car parts manufacturer, produces more than 20 new car parts every day. These car parts are photographed from various angles, touched up in photoshop and put in a catalogue. This process is repetitive and time consuming.

prophecy labs cse studies


An AI course for decision makers,
business managers and executives

AI is a buzzword that you are hearing more of everyday. It seems that every product or consultancy is offering you some sort of AI-based service. As a business manager you need to understand the impact that AI will have on your organization. In this 5 module AI4Business training we help decision makers by explaining concrete use cases and help them ideate how AI can be used within their organization.

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