AI4Business Course

Start Capturing Business Value with AI

Mission & Vision

Who should follow this course, and why? Are you a business manager looking to deepen your AI knowledge and skills? Are you a data scientist interested in bringing business value with your AI solutions?  Do you want to find out what it takes to bring AI to the real word in a production environment? Then this course is an ideal starting point for your journey.

What will you learn, and how? The material is organized in a modular format with five course modules in total. This allows you to either follow the full course or select the topics you find interesting. The course starts from the basics on AI and gradually evolves towards building real-life AI systems. Always keeping in mind that the most important element is to generate value with your solutions. We bridge the gap between business and technical people, allowing AI to thrive in your company.

We wish you an interesting and educational experience.

Happy learning!

Business Model

Prophecy Labs is an AI startup performing both consulting and end-to-end data science projects for clients. Our main goal and dream is to disseminate AI knowledge and make people aware of its potential. We strive to lift the AI possibilities to a higher level, thereby creating value for companies, employees, customers and society.We developed this open source AI4Business course, such that everyone has access to learn from our experiences.

Our aspirations are to bring true added value to companies and train the next generation of AI professionals. In no way, shape or form is this course meant to be a profitable concept. The course stays open source, freely to consult by everyone. We also aim to bring this knowledge directly to the people by giving trainings and sharing new content via social media outlets.

The world of AI is fast-paced and ever changing, so any AI course is by definition never truly finished. We therefore aim to continuously update this course with new  and exciting AI developments that can help businesses to thrive. Your opinions are of course very valuable to us in order to keep improving and updating the course, so feel free to fill in the survey below. We also very much welcome content contributions and partnerships, please check our GitHub page for more details on this.


This course was sponsored by a grant from ESF-Vlaanderen