Let our passion
be your edge.

We helps companies automate complex work, optimize business processes, and predict events that impact your business.


Prophecy Labs is a Talent & Solution provider for Data and Machine Learning problems. We aim to empower companies to harvest value from data and improve business results. 

At Prophecy Labs, we believe people should be working on things that matter and bring them joy. To achieve this goal, we focus on three areas:

  • automating complex work,
  • optimizing business processes and
  • predicting events to support your decision making.
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We generate value from your organisation’s data by combining top talent of data science, engineering and research across the globe. We have experience in both talent placement and building end-to-end data solutions that provide concrete business value for our clients. 

We value honesty, transparency, and open communication. Working closely together with our clients allows us to understand the problem and find the right solutions. Our team of experts is capable of solving any data problem, so let our passion be your edge.


Prophecy Labs aspires to be an AI company that makes the world a better place, where people in an organization can focus on interesting work. We leverage data to get rid of tedious tasks and empower your employees to focus on what really matters. We aim to enable your organization to be the best version of itself. We firmly believe that people should be happy in life and try to make this happen for our clients, employees and other stakeholders.

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Come and visit us!

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Diestsesteenweg, Belgium

50/202 Kessel-lo

With presence in ..

  • Cairo

  • Chicago

  • Dublin

  • Leuven

  • Lisbon

  • Lodz

  • New York

  • Valencia

  • Washington

  • Zurich

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