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Scheduling Cleaning Services

The Minte, a housekeeping scale-up from the USA, allows flexible scheduling of cleaning services. These services are assigned creating a schedule for each housekeeper. Housekeepers serve multiple properties spread across a geographical area. This incurs significant travel costs if the schedule is not created in a way that minimizes the distance travelled by housekeeping personnel, having a strong negative impact on unit.

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Automatically schedule housekeepers to optimize the core activity of the business.


The proprietary scheduling algorithm got deployed in production and became the main USP of The Minte

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User rating improvement: 1.5 -> 3.9

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Reduction in total work hours: ~ 25%

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Time to create a schedule: 2 ~ 5 minutes


Constrained scheduling taking into consideration hard and soft business constraints, such as availability windows, minimizing travel costs and clean type ordering.


A microservice with a scheduling program using exact and heuristic methods that accepts clean data, housekeeper data and constraints and outputs complete schedule.

Technical Highlights

2-step solution that optimizes the way the schedule is created based on the problem size that resulted in >90% reduction in runtime compared to the benchmark and no loss in schedule quality.


ProphecyLabs was instrumental in helping us re-think our approach to how we capture and schedule bookings. Their technical expertise and guidance, together, led to the development of a scheduling servicethat has truly unleashed our company’s ability to scale.” 

Jonathan Ogolo, VP of Technology